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Sports Science

Customized Training and Testing with a Performance Specialist to help you achieve your goals.

Sports Medicine

Unique Sports Rehab, Physical Therapy and Chronic illness protocols to help you come back.


Specialized Recovery Systems to allow you to recover quicker and perform better.

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Infinity Sports Institute specializes in optimizing the human experience through sports science, sports medicine and technology.

Physical • Mental • Social

To enhance your daily experiences by optimizing your bodies physical and mental ability to withstand external factors, mitigate pain and elevate health; through sports science, sports medicine and technology.

INFINITY SPORTS INSTITUTE is physician backed and partnered with some of the best physical therapy practices found in South Florida.

Our Team

Hector Strength Coach

Hector Maradiaga

Performance Specialist

Eric Strength Coach

Eric Martinez

Clinical Performance Specialist

Strength Coach

Hugo Botero

Performance and Rehab Specialist

Strength Coach

Josh Dennis

Performance & Nutrition Specialist

Strength Coach

Glen Samuels

Performance Specialist

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