Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin: hormone secreted by the pancreas in response to high levels of glucose in the blood. It is basically a signal for the cell to take up glucose.

What is insulin sensitivity? How sensitive the body’s cells are in response to insulin.

  • High insulin sensitivity: allows cells to use more blood glucose effectively.


What is glucose? 

  • Glucose can feed every cell in your body.
  • It is stored in the liver, blood and muscles.
  • Glucose is extracted from the blood by transporters called GLUT-4.
  • Without an improved insulin sensitivity, GLUT-4 will not transport glucose from the blood = an increased blood sugar levels.

Importance of having an increased insulin sensitivity

  • When insulin can’t signal the cell to uptake glucose, you end up with increased level of glucose & insulin in the blood and the body is not able to use either of them.
  • This will then cause cortisol, the stress hormone to be released. This is a survival mechanism for the body to deal with the blood glucose.
    • This will cause lower energy levels, increased fat stored.


  • Puts pressure on the pancreas to increase insulin production to be able to transport that glucose out.
  • Increased risk of diabetes.
  • Higher risk of heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.



  1. Get out of a caloric surplus (stop overfeeding the cells): being in a constant caloric surplus means that these cells are exposed to insulin by eating an excessive amount of carbs. Eventually, this will lead the cell to become insulin resistant. Therefore, more insulin will be required to uptake glucose.
  2. Strength training & cardiovascular endurance 
  3. Inflammation: Inflammation interferes with the cellular response to insulin.
  4. Non-fragmented night’s sleep

How does insulin sensitivity increase with exercise?

  • When performing aerobic exercise or resistance training stimulates certain cell transporters that aid in transporting glucose from the blood into the muscle.
  • During exercise there is an increase in blood flow, thus, increasing the surface area available for the transport of glucose.
  • Physical exercise promotes the breakdown from of energy into a molecule called AMPK, increased nitric oxide production in the cell and calcium cycling in muscle contraction which promotes AS160.
  • AS160 (protein in the body) is important because it is what will promote cell transporters to uptake that glucose

Now ask yourself: Am I overweight?” “How is my diet” “Do I consistently consume over the recommended amount of carbohydrates each day?” “How is my blood pressure?” 

Now ask yourself this very important question:


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By: Gabriela Londono | Performance Specialist

Eat to Lose (or WIN?)

How can calorie restriction lead to unhealthy weight loss?

The summer vacations are over and some of us have come back a few extra pounds heavier than our usual weight. We definitely have gained some extra motivation to get back on our game, clean up some eating habits and/or get a fitness routine going again. Many of us start things off by cutting out some of the bad things we eat. Now when we do that, it is important to substitute those calories with a healthy option, especially once we start exercising. Not eating enough calories compared to how much your body burns off for energy each day can lead to poor results and symptoms we don’t want.

What’s A Healthy Way to Lose Body Fat?

Anytime we gain some “bad” pounds (body fat), the common traditional mindset has been lose weight, rapid weight loss, diet, portion control; terms that can lead you down to the wrong path. A healthy weight loss is considered 1-2 lbs per week. If it’s your first time exercising in a while you may lose a little bit more for the first week or two based on your body burning off some extra stored energy commonly referred to as “water weight”. 1-2 lbs per week is just right because your body has a goal of maintaining a balanced state at all times. Too much lost too fast not only means you’re more likely to gain it back but can lead to some problems as

The key to gaining success and keeping it is making gradual adjustments to your lifestyle habits surrounding your eating habits. Give yourself small wins that will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Risks of a Fast Weight Loss

Programs promoting rapid weight loss often have diets very low in calories and nutrients sometimes leading to health problems.

  • Loss of Lean Muscle

Muscle is the biggest energy burner in your body. If you are not feeding your body energy(calories)then your body will start to get rid of those energy burners. Losing weight is not the same as losing fat.

  • Effects on Metabolism

Your body’s goal is to survive. Whenever you limit the body of calories, it changes how it operates. It may affect hormones and other functions to help conserve more energy.

Other effects are common such assmiley-faces-picture-id491490940

  • low energy
  • irritability
  • dehydration
  • increased cravings
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • and more “not so fun” symptoms

How We Can Help?


Here at Infinity Sports Institute we have recently launched our all-inclusive individualized Hybrid Program that puts the individual in the best position to be successful based on their goal.

Each individual is assigned a performance specialist that they will spend the first day testing in the sports science lab using nothing but the best research grade equipment to set up the best possible program to attain their goal. IMG_1215

In addition, they will sit down with our sports nutritionist to set up an action plan based on their current lifestyle eating habits and goals.

After their program is created, they will get updated daily workouts from their coach who will monitor their entire journey throughout the program. A weekly meeting with their performance specialist will help the individual make outcome-based changes to their program which is the best formula for success. 20 - _DSC7487

To sit down with a performance specialist and learn more about our Hybrid program call 786-591-7586 or email us at

Postural Restoration Institute Method


What is the PRI method?

            The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) incorporates a method to help people of all ages and ability levels stay balanced from postural asymmetries that occur in the body. Our bodies often move and function in asymmetry to maintain balance. A primary example is whenever we walk or run, one side of the body is creating a new step and the other is finishing the step you just took. PRI uses repositioning and repatterning techniques to maintain proper balance of those asymmetrical movements and functions to keep the body from over compensation.

When and Why should you use PRI method?

            When using PRI, the idea is to identify and correct standard patterns found in our muscles and joints from side to side, from front to back and from top to bottom. These asymmetrical patterns influence the way we stand, sit, walk, breathe and even sleep. Infinity Sports Institute uses PRI method to help individual maintain postural balance for the long-term based on measuring their compensations through a full functional evaluation. Infinity Sports Institute uses PRI as another added tool to tackle abnormal postural patterns, unbalanced movement, and breathing patterns.


The Takeaway

            The PRI method has given us a great resource to evaluate and treat proper functions of the body. This holistic approach has been effective and efficient when treating all different types of diagnoses.

In addition to PRI, Infinity Sports uses Fascial Stretching and Rocktape Techniques that can help restore an individual’s posture.  To book an appointment or learn more about these services contact us at info@infinitysi.comor call 786-491-7586.