How Much Should I be Eating?

One of the foundations of a healthy and active lifestyle is undoubtedly centered around nutrition and rightfully so. What we put into our bodies is directly linked to how we feel and how well we perform. Now most blogs written about nutrition put the focus on what types of foods we should be eating and what diets are best. We all have a preference for foods we like to eat and different styles of diets whether it’s paleo, keto, carnivore, vegan, or anything in between. What I want to focus on is how much we should be eating and the only way to determine that is through a resting metabolic rate test (RMR). 

Now, before you start to think to yourself “no I don’t need that,” the calculators you find online are highly inaccurate. Inaccurate data can hinder any progress you’re making in your health and wellness journey. By using an RMR test, we can measure your calorie consumption via what your breath is telling us. 

Through this test, we can accurately measure exactly how many calories you burn in a day at complete rest. From here, we can then determine your calorie expenditure and how much you should eat (in terms of calories). This accurate data will help you lose fat, gain muscle, and become an overall “better you”. So don’t hesitate and reach out to get that RMR test in and let’s start this journey off with our best foot forward. 

Interested? You can call (786) 591-7586 or email to schedule your RMR test. 

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Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist

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