How to Create a New Healthy Habit

So you find yourself wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle. You have goals in mind and you even created a timeline to help you get there. Great!! Now we need to figure out how we are going to instill these habits into your daily life and make them sustainable so they can hopefully become your new norm. This will more than likely become the hardest part of starting that journey. 

The good news is I have some tips to help you create those healthier habits. With all-new habits, it comes down to putting them into small actionable steps so we can eventually ramp it up to the habit we want. Let’s take working out regularly, for example, we may want to be able to workout 5 days a week (let’s say for an hour a day) but in reality, a 0-100 method not only becomes a daunting task but also sets us up for failure. 

What’s important to focus on is where we currently stand and what we can reasonably do now. Work, family, and school all take up a large portion of our day, and before you know it the day is gone. 

Let’s start with 15-20 min a day 2-3 days a week as a starting point. This amount invested won’t be too demanding of our schedule and can help build the foundation of getting out there and doing something even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind. This method not only helps kick-start the habit but makes it sustainable so we can build off that for the future. The plan is to create small victories that lead us to the overall goal. Small steps in the right direction will still lead us to our destination.

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Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist

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