How to lose body fat and preserve muscle mass 

With all-new fitness journeys, we all ask the question about how to lose only fat while maintaining our muscle mass. This is a great question that should undoubtedly be at the forefront of our path. 

When it comes to losing body fat, I always bring the focus back to building more muscle – yes ladies, that means you too! What I dispel first about this is that you can exercise for the sole purpose of burning calories, but that’s a battle that will get you nowhere fast. Let’s say you went to a spin class and burned off 400 calories, great! As with all intense workouts, individuals tend to focus only on the number of calories burned during their hour-long class/workout, versus how they can elevate their calories burn throughout the rest of the day. 

How do we focus on doing that you ask? Well, the primary focus should be given back to that hour we spend working out. We want to put the focus on developing more muscle in the body, this is the most effective way to increase our metabolic rate. By having more muscle, we in turn burn more calories at any given point in the day. 

So now you can burn more calories while you sleep, drive your car, and while at work. This is why I always shift the focus to lifting weights as our primary method to lose fat and preserve muscle. Now, let’s hit the weight room and show that stubborn fat we mean business! 

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Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist

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