In The Lab with Eric Martinez: How to Strengthen your Weak Muscles

Can a muscle be short in length and weak? The answer is yes. The muscle is always going to be based on the constant task that is accomplished over again and again. After some time, our body will start to neglect specific muscles, thus shortening and weakening those muscles.

Why does this matter? Sometimes we feel aches, tightness, weakness, and imbalances in our bodies. The listed symptoms are typically the culprit of short and weakened muscles. To fix this, it’s important to lengthen and strengthen the muscles through new ranges of motions that people may resist. 

Let’s look at IT band syndrome, patella femoral syndrome, and runner’s knee for example. These can all be related to short glute muscles, short tensor fasciae latae (TFL), weak quads, strong quads, strong popliteus, etc., you get the idea.

No matter what muscle/muscle groups are causing you pain, the easiest thing to do is to increase the strength of ALL HIP MUSCLES. You can achieve this by introducing new ranges of motion such as isometric holds of the affected muscle in a new position and by holding the isometric holds for a longer period of time. 

Below are some example exercises you can try: 

1) 90-90 Degree Pose – holding isometric contractions.

2) Split Squats – in various angles such as the Bulgarian Split Squat, Knees Over Toes, and the Lean Back Stance.

Remember to go slow when introducing a new movement and do not rush! 

Until next time, 
Eric Martinez, Co-Founder and Clinical Performance Specialist

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