In the Lab with Eric Martinez: Training Clients who have Cardiovascular Diseases

Many cardiovascular diseases are manageable in the sense that we can monitor and modulate the intensity of an activity as the individual gets stronger. 

The key importance to working with cardiac disease is as follows:

1) Are there any other conditions such as pulmonary, shortness of breath, diabetes, swelling, hypertension, claudication, neuropathy, pacemakers, or neurological concerns?

2) What medication are they using, if any? 

3) Are there signs of chest pain, dizziness, pain, and numbness in extremities?

4) Be aware of the Cardiologist’s recommendations. 

5) Know the disease and its limitations of it.

6) Check blood pressure several times during activity.

7) Time vs intensity is key to a successful program.

8) Using many forms of measurements for intensity is important, Rpe, Mets, Hr, Blood pressure, and even breathing rate.

Activity and dosage are key. I start by having my clients do simple tasks that they can achieve and be consistent with. Over time I’ll add additional tasks, for example, I’ll begin with 5-minute intervals and slowly progress by adding more time as they improve.

During their rest periods, I’ll check their Avo2 saturation, blood pressure, HR, ask how they feel, and look for signs of heavy breathing. For more in-depth training on this subject feel free to reach out to us and ask about our Clinical performance Specialist course.

Until next time,

Eric Martinez, Co-Founder and Clinical Performance Specialist

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