In the Lab with Eric Martinez: What Causes Hip Pain

Hip pain is one of the worst pain anyone can have and is complicated to alleviate. When it comes to hip pain, there are a lot of reasons and moving parts that can cause pain, such as:

  • A large amount of range of motion
    • Can be heavily comprisable due to a loss of range of motion or increase of range of motion which can cause pain.
  • The hips are one of the most weight-bearing joints of the body
    • Pain can come from overuse.
  • Many of our muscles are connected to the femur and pelvis
    • Multiple muscles mean a higher case of causing over-compensation in one area, which can lead to pain or overuse.
  • Biomechanical relationship to the knee and back
    • I call it the “dumb joint,” because if there’s a knee problem, then there’s a hip problem.
    • If there’s a back problem, then there will most likely be a hip problem too.
  • Other neurological related issues
    • Nerve impingement
    • Scars running the facial nerve matrix
    • Past traumas

There are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause pain. The best course of action is to narrow down the cause of pain first and then to continue working with the patient until the pain has subsided. Once they have a strong foundation to fall on and prevent any further issues, is when I would recommend starting a new program aimed at the patient’s goals. 

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