In the Lab with Eric Martinez: Why Understanding your Client is Key to their Performance

Understanding that everything is a journey and conveying that to the client is key to a successful rehab or to improve performance. We sometimes forget that everyone’s experience is different from our own. 

A 6-week program is doable for professionals who dedicate time in their daily schedule to complete a 6-week program. However, a 6-week program for an individual who has never experienced such a thing (to be in pain and not getting the instant gratification of a healed injury) can make it seem like a lifetime. 

This Paradox continues to grow as we get bombarded by media and other factors that influence the client/patient mindset. From what I’ve learned, understanding our patients and utilizing our education is key to achieving the proper outcome. 

When we understand that people learn at a different pace and/or by different forms, it helps the process. You could have done everything imaginable and there is a chance that it doesn’t work. Take that moment to review what might have been missed, like giving homework via video of sheets or maybe even referring them to another professional. As a professional, you have a right to guide clients until they either outgrow your teachings and/or everything else was done to achieve their goals.

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Eric Martinez, Co-Founder and Clinical Performance Specialist

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