Introducing the DEXA – Body Composition Scan

Did you know that your body is comprised mainly of bone, muscle, and fat? Together they help you perform daily functions. However, they may sometimes cause pain. To help our clients achieve their health goals, we first determine what their bodies are comprised of using a body scan. Specifically, the Gold Standard in body composition testing – the DEXA.

What is the DEXA?

The DEXA Scan, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scan, is referred to in short as DEXA or DXA. The DEXA is used to measure overall body composition including Body Fat %, Lean Mass %, Visceral Fat %, and bone density.

Due to its ease of use and accuracy, the DEXA is found in Sports Science/Human Performance Labs throughout some of the best universities in the nation.

Body Composition Alternatives

  • BMI: An attempt to quantify the amount of tissue mass (muscle, fat, and bone) in an individual, then categorize that person as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.
  • Bio-impedance: Value derived from the mass (weight) and height of an individual
  • Bod Pod: This method uses air displacement plethysmography to calculate body composition.  Tight clothing is required so the test does not register extra air displacement which can increase reported fat levels.
  • Hydrostatic Weighing: also referred to as “underwater weighing”, “hydrostatic body composition analysis”, and “hydrodensitometry” is a technique for measuring the mass per unit volume of a living person’s body. It is a direct application of Archimedes’ principle, that an object displaces its own volume of water.

These are common alternatives often used incorrectly as a substitute for body composition health. Not only can they be dangerously misleading due to their inaccuracy, but they are also cumbersome and inconvenient.

For example, if you have a BMI of 25 kg/m2, you are considered to have a body fat percentage ranging from 10 to 35%. When you use alternative methods, you may see a margin of error range from 5 to 15%.

Why we chose the DEXA

Using the DEXA allows us to use the most accurate data points to create personalized programs for improved recovery, rehab, nutrition and performance.

DEXA Body Scan’s accuracy and precision range fall within 1 to 2% margin of error.
It provides additional information that BMI and alternative testing methods cannot, including:

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT): This is a leading predictor of longevity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease. The centralized location of VAT is important as it may indicate future complications.
  • Skeletal Strength: Bone density measures help determine your risk for osteoporosis, and how you compare to others.
  • Muscle Symmetry: helps to identify how your lean, fat, and bone mass compares in each region of your body
  • “Skinny fat” and sarcopenia risks, which has been found to be an important predictor of cognitive performance

Want to know what you’re made of?

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