What is progressive overload? Increasing stress gradually over time to overload the muscle through a change in the training regimen.

Without progressive overload, our muscles would not be able to keep growing and we would not be able to continue to make those PR’s in the gym.

Now, what can we do to keep progressively overloading these muscles?

  • Increase reps
  • increase weight (even if it is just 2.5 lbs)
  • Add in time under tension
  • Incorporate isometric holds after each rep.
  • incorporate 1/4 reps.
  • Decrease rest periods.

All of these factors will in fact lead to overloading the muscle by manipulating different variables.

However, sometimes we may abuse of these variables and overlook how we can also make these gains without being in the gym.


Non-related training factors in progressive overload:

  • Nutrition (get your micronutrients (vitamins, antioxidants, whole foods)
  • Unbroken 8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Take care of your gut health (reduce inflammation, food sensitivities)
  • manage stress levels (meditation, yoga, self-care)

and, sometimes it’s just lift it better. For example, if you are deadlifting 225 lbs for 6 reps. RPE 8-9. Next week, it might be lift again 225 for 6 reps but have better technique. That is still progressive overload. 

It’s not always about how much weight is on the bar. It’s about what you can do to optimize your health and your current training goals.

Have you plateaued your training goals due to lack of a regimen or are you just manipulating too many variables at once?

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By: Gabriela Londono | Performance Specialist

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