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Running is one of our passions! We work with both recreational runners as well as competitive ones. There are many reasons why people fall in love with running such as fitness, health, enjoyment, stress relief, or even to develop relationships and bond with like-minded individuals. Our love for running and for those who share this passion is why we are launching the Strong Run. The Strong Run will implement concepts of performance training for runners, using methods proven by science in order to give you an edge for your run. 

What is the piece of the puzzle that runners traditionally always miss? 

The strength and power training components are always ignored like a subscription to a service we had signed up for and totally forgot we had. The importance of strength training for runners cannot be over emphasized, often times they become injured because of strength imbalances between the various muscle groups. This disfunction leads to unnatural movement patterns and forces runners into compensations that are detrimental to health and performance. It can make a routine run becomes more difficult and taxing on the body. In addition, when getting to the end of a run they may not have the power to push all the way to the finish line. 

You may be asking yourself how is our run club is different from the others? 

The answer is simple: 

  1. Release fascial restrictions with our specific fascial stretch techniques  
  2. Provide runner specific activation exercises and correctives  
  3. Use of some ballistics and plyometrics to prep for the run 
  4. A run used as a conditioning piece 
  5. A short-power based resistance training workout
  6. Specific runner’s cooldown to start our recovery

Why would this make a difference?

This makes sense because running is a plyometric activity. If you strengthen your muscles and improve the responsiveness to plyometric movements, you will see an improvement in performance. This is why we train both of these components together for our runners, and it’s how we keep them crushing their runs. 

Join us for our Strong Runprogram and improve your game, have fun, and stay healthy. Runners will receive an Infinity Sports Institute water bottle, shirt, complimentary stretch and training session, and a membership card that will get you 10% off of all purchases that day. Participation is limited, and we will only have 20 openings on our roster. Be proactive and join the team and be a part of our amazing community! 

A recent study examined some of the methodologies we implement. The article “Effects of complex training versus heavy resistance training on neuromuscular adaptation, running economy and 5-km performance in well-trained distance runners,” proves the adaptations that we train for here at Infinity Sports Institute actually occur. The study examines the difference between traditional strength training (5RM at 80-85%) and complex training which involves strength training exercises followed by plyometric exercises. The complex training involved fewer sets with longer rest intervals and provider greater adaptation than traditional resistance training alone. 

The improvements between the two groups were comparable throughout all the tests except for the drop jump. This is where the complex training group showed significantly greater results. This means that training with plyometrics improved the subject’s reactive strength qualities. As a result of this running economy was improved at higher speeds and blood lactate levels were reduced. So basically, due to plyometric training in conjunction with resistance training, movement became more efficient and less energy was spent when moving at higher speeds. This shows that this type of training can give runners an edge during their runs. The tables below show the training programs and results. 

Strength training program during study.

ExerciseLoadSetsRepetitionRecovery (mins)
Preparatory strength training
Back squat20 kg3103
Bulgarian squat20 kg35 ES3
Romanian deadlifts20 kg3103
Training intervention
CT group
Back squat80–85%1RM354
Drop jump40 cm Box364
Bulgarian squat80–85%1RM35 ES4
Single leg hopBW36 ES4
Romanian deadlifts80–85%1RM354
Double leg hurdle hop50 cm Hurdle364
HRT group
Back squat80–85%1RM553
Bulgarian squat80–85%1RM55 ES3
Romanian deadlift80–85%1RM553
CON group
Back squat40%1RM5201
Bulgarian squat40%1RM515 ES1
Romanian deadlift40%1RM5201

DOI: 10.7717/peerj.6787/table-3

RM-maximal repetition

BW-body weight

ES-each side

HRT– Heavy resistance training

CT– Complex training

CON– control group

Results of strength and power assessment before and after intervention (Mean ± SD).

Complex training group (N = 10)Heavy resistance group (N = 9)Control group (N = 9)
1RM (kg)60.25 ± 8.0370.50 ± 11.17***16.88 ± 5.9360.56 ± 11.8471.67 ± 12.50***18.80 ± 6.4263.33 ± 9.3564.44 ± 8.822.15 ± 6.64
CMJ Height (cm)31.06 ± 3.4134.51 ± 3.85***11.28 ± 7.5732.8 ± 4.2335.58 ± 3.33***8.96 ± 4.9433.46 ± 4.2734.26 ± 4.222.46 ± 1.64
Peak Power (−1)43.66 ± 2.7047.12 ± 2.658.20 ± 7.7945.18 ± 3.5747.45 ± 5.335.05 ± 8.6945.08 ± 3.1745.29 ± 3.010.53 ± 3.66
DJ Height (cm)31.39 ± 4.4135.38 ± 4.55***12.94 ± 4.6733.03 ± 3.7933.96 ± 4.132.88 ± 6.5833.31 ± 4.5332.81 ± 4.26−1.40 ± 1.74
RSI (cm.s−1)59.05 ± 11.6370.80 ± 15.69***19.99 ± 12.3961.57 ± 12.9566.71 ± 8.5310.43 ± 15.6962.11 ± 12.0462.91 ± 12.071.41 ± 5.70

DOI: 10.7717/peerj.6787/table-5

1RM-one repetition maximum back squat

CMJ-counter movement jump height

DJ-drop jump height

Peak Power-peak power in counter movement jump

RSI-reactive strength index

Li F, Wang R, Newton RU, Sutton D, Shi Y, Ding H. 2019. Effects of complex training versus heavy resistance training on neuromuscular adaptation, running economy and 5-km performance in well-trained distance runners. PeerJ 7:e6787

By: Hector Maradiaga Co-Founder | Performance Specialist

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