Small Steps to a Healthier You

“Health is Wealth”, we have all heard this a thousand times over and it might seem kind of cliché but this statement couldn’t be more true

Being unhealthy can not only lead to chronic discomfort, pain and illness, but some other effects are that it can lead to unhappiness, depression, and even losing out on opportunities in life that could cost you financially.

I always circle back to that saying and add a little more to it. If we feel good, we play/work/perform good. Another financial risk we take with our health is health & life insurance. This is because insurance companies evaluate people whom they want to insure and then offer them terms based on how likely they are to die while the insurance term is pending. If the risk is higher, they will charge higher premiums.

Don’t worry though there is a silver lining. There are several small steps we can take to start that journey of wellness immediately. We do not have to think about getting fit or healthy as tough and difficult process. So here are some small but impactful ways to help jump start your wellness.


  1. Cut Out Soda:  Soda is one of the most common things people take on a regular basis. It is filled with copious amounts of sugar instead, and simply cutting out soda from your diet will help you begin to become healthier almost immediately.
  2. Reduce your Portions: You can eat too much of even healthy food, and when you are not quite at the perfectly healthy food stage, overeating can have disastrous consequences for your health. Try cutting back on your portions by making little reductions over time, and you will begin to see changes in your waistline as well.
Female hands cutting vegetables on cuttiing board – woman preparing a healthy meal to boost the immune system

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  1. Cardio exercises like walking and running are great for getting your fitness level up and increasing your endurance. Strength training also helps get you healthier too because of how it strengthens your muscles and body generally.

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  1. Rest is just as important to your body as exercise and nutrition are but it is often overlooked. Without proper rest and recovery your body wont be able to translate all that effort with exercise and nutrition into positive results. You should be getting a sound 7-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

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And Just like that you can be back on the path to better health. See, not so hard was it? Small steps will lead to larger ones and as long as you bring the consistency and effort the magic will happen, I guarantee it.

Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist |

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