What Should I Do About Muscle Soreness? 

Everyone who has exercised before has experienced the dreaded soreness the day after and subsequently asked the question “how do I get rid of the soreness?” The key to understanding how to get rid of that feeling lies in what it is actually coming from. I’m here to blow up the myth of lactic acid and what causes that soreness. 

First, let’s address what lactic acid is. Lactic acid is a byproduct from anaerobic work, this build-up occurs during intense workouts and causes that “burning” feeling in the muscles. But contrary to popular belief, this build up return to normal levels once you are able to get back to a resting state. 

“But then what is causing me to be super sore and stiff the next day?” 

This my friends, is the million dollar question (not really, but you get the point). The feeling you are experiencing the next day is a combination of fatigued muscles and hydrogen ions left behind from the previous workout. This left-over hydrogen causes you to feel stiff and sore, but can be removed simply by getting the blood to flow again. Yes, that’s right, moving again when you’re too sore will help you stop being so sore! 

This is known as hemodynamics (flowing of blood) and once you get the blood pumping again, it will help remove those hydrogen ions out and you’ll be feeling better in no time. So the next time you’re feeling too sore to workout, just give yourself a little time to warm the body up and get the blood flowing and you’ll be ready to rock! Until next time my friends!

Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist

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