Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

There’s this common trend that when most people start their fitness journey, they focus specifically on losing weight – with an emphasis on solely performing cardiovascular training. While they have the right intentions, there’s more to weight loss than just cardio!

Many of us end up gaining weight over the years when our responsibilities take center stage, and unfortunately, our health takes the back seat. What I want to express to my clients is that while our intentions are in the right place, the focus should not be primarily on weight loss – their focus should be fat loss. Through this approach, we can monitor something more specific and not let the scale dictate our success. Now that you have established that fat loss is the focus, we can narrow the vision down and pinpoint the best way to drop our body fat percentage.

The best way to increase our metabolism and drop body fat is to focus on increasing our muscle mass. Yes, ladies you too should focus on resistance training and increasing your muscle mass as the most efficient way to drop fat and lean out, cardio is not the friend you think it is. While cardio is great for your cardiovascular health it is not the go-to method here. 

Resistance training is great for building muscle and increasing our resting metabolic rate which is where we will have the biggest impact on losing fat. This will increase your metabolism and help you drop that body fat percentage much more effectively than hours on the treadmill. So, don’t fear the weights and get out there and build some muscle. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

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Written by Cody Perez – Performance Specialist

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